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Here is the story about Staybrige suites. Its designers, coming from Guangdong Pinzheng Furniture Manufacturer Co.,Ltd., developed it after their systematic market survey and analysis. At that time when the product was a newcomer, they certainly were challenged: the production process, based on the immature market, was not 100% capable of producing 100% quality product; the quality inspection, which was a little different from others', was adjusted several times to get adapted to this new product; the clients had no willingness to try it and give feedback...Fortunately, all these were overcome thanks to their great efforts! It was finally launched onto the market and is now well received, thanks to its quality assured from the source, its production up to the standard, and its application widely expanded. Pinzheng Furniture has become the first choice for most customers. It has reliable products which are stable in performance and enjoy long service life. Many customers repeatedly purchase from us and the repurchase rate remains high. We optimize our website and update our dynamics on social media, so that we can occupy a higher ranking online and customers can easily purchase our products. We endeavor to maintain close contact with customers.Our company, having developed for years, has standardized the services. The basics including custom service, MOQ, free sample, and shipment, are clearly shown at Pinzheng Furniture Manufacture. Any specific requirements are also accepted. We hope to be a reliable Staybrige suites partner to the clients all around the world!
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