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At Guangdong Pinzheng Furniture Manufacturer Co.,Ltd., we specialize in yielding tv stand that meets our customers' requirements within the time. We have built lean and integrated processes, which has greatly improved production efficiency. We have designed our unique in-house production and traceability systems to meet our production needs and we can track the product from beginning to end.

All products under the Pinzheng Furniture are known as profit makers. They are highly received all over the world and meanwhile help the company foster brand loyalty, resulting in a remarkable repurchase rate compared with the products of other companies. The popularity also can be revealed in the positive feedback on the website. One of the customers highlights the advantages of our products, 'It has a premium performance in durability...'

At Zhenping Furniture Manufacture, customers can get tv stand and other products together with more considerate services. We have upgraded our distribution system, which enables a faster and safer delivery. Besides, to better cater to customer's actual need, the MOQ of the customized products is negotiable.

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