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After years of rocking chair's development, Guangdong Pinzheng Furniture Manufacturer Co.,Ltd. grasps more opportunities in the industry. As customers prefer appealing design, the product is designed to be more versatile in appearance. Besides, as we emphasize the importance of quality inspection in each production section, the product repair rate has greatly decreased. The product is bound to manifest its influence in the market.

We make every efforts to enhance Pinzheng Furniture brand awareness. We set up a marketing website to advertise, which proves to be effective for our brand exposure. To enlarge our customer base through the international market, we actively participate in domestic and overseas exhibitions to attract more global customers' attention. We witness that all these measures contribute to the enhancement of our brand awareness.

At Zhenping Furniture Manufacture, we emphasize highly on on-time and safe delivery service. Over years of effort, we have greatly improved our shipping system, enabling that rocking chair and other products punctually arrive at the destination in great condition.

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