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To ensure that Guangdong Pinzheng Furniture Manufacturer Co.,Ltd. is providing the highest quality recliner chair, we have effective quality management that fully meets regulatory requirements. Our quality assurance staff has the necessary manufacturing experiences to effectively manage product quality. We follow standard operating procedures for sampling and testing.The design and aesthetic of products reflect the prestige of our brand - Pinzheng Furniture. To meet the changing needs of consumers, all Pinzheng Furniture products perform well for them as well as for the environment. Till now, these products have formed unique customer groups and market reputation, and simultaneously make our company's popularity internationally.We stick to the customer orientation strategy throughout the product life cycle through Zhenping Furniture Manufacture. Before conducting after-sales service, we analyze the customers' demands based on their actual condition and design a specific training for the after-sales team. Through the training, we cultivate a professional team to handle customer's demand with high-efficiency methods.
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  • Can recliner chair sample charge be refunded if order is placed?
    For Foshan ShengYang Furniture Manufacturer Co.,Ltd., we'd love to refund the charge of the recliner chair sample if customers place an order. Honestly speaking,...
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