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On this page, you can find quality content focused on steel table design. You can also get the latest products and articles that are related to steel table design for free. If you have any questions or want to get more information on steel table design, please feel free to contact us.

steel table design of Guangdong Pinzheng Furniture Manufacturer Co.,Ltd. sells well now. To guarantee the quality of the product from the source, the raw materials are supplied by our reliable partners and each of them is carefully-chosen for product quality assurance. Moreover, it is of unique style which keeps up with the times, thanks to the industrious effort of our designers. In addition to the features of combining fashion with the durability, stability and functionality, the product also enjoys long service life.We established brand - Pinzheng Furniture, wanting to help make our customers' dreams come true and do everything we can to contribute to society. This is our unchanging identity, and it is who we are. This shapes the actions of all Pinzheng Furniture employees and ensures outstanding teamwork across all regions and business fields.At Pinzheng Furniture Manufacture, a variety of services are available and we deliver a prompt response to customers. The packaging of the products, such as steel table design, can be customized to protect them against damage.
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Stamp and Playing Cards
In 2002 Post Danmark the Danish postal service made four stamps featuring Danish comic book characters. Peter Madsen drew the artwork for the Valhalla stamp and he also made a deck of playing cards with his characters. The other three stamps featured Rasmus Klump, Jungledyret Hugo and Cirkeline.— — — — — —Smart cardsAt the time when the first DVB-version of Nagravision is not yet introduced, Dream Satellite used Conax CAS3 for the main broadcast until they switch to Nagravision 2 and Conax CAS7 encryption on 2006. In 2009, following the Dish Network anti-piracy upgrade, a conditional access swap to the smart card has been completed. This also made the smart card system transitioned to Nagravision Merlin and Conax CAS7. 5.— — — — — —CardsGerman playing cards are used, traditionally those of the Bavarian pattern, with the values Sow (Sau) to 6. The card deck has a total of 36 cards (4 suits each of 9 cards). In the trade, special card games are sold which are labelled Schafkopf/Tarock (see illustration). Card rankingIn Bavarian Tarock, a card's trick-taking value generally increases with its face value. The Sow (Sau, symbol A) is the highest card and it is followed by the: Ten (Zehner) (10) > King (K) > Ober (O) > Unter (U) > Nine (Neuner) (9) > Eight (Achter) (8) > Seven (Siebener) (7) > Six (Sechser) (6) Card valuesThe cards have the same point values as in Bavarian Schafkopf. The 10, with ten card points, is just below the Sow (Sau,[a] 11 points), but well above the King (4), Ober (3) and Unter (2). The value of the Spatzen ("sparrows" - 9 to 6) lies only in their trick-taking ability during a game, but they have no points value when calculating scores at the end of the round. TrumpsIn the original game, Hearts formed the permanent trump suit unless a Solo was bid. In the later variant, Hearts are the permanent trump suit if the talon is used to replenish cards; otherwise in Hand contracts, the trumps are chosen by the declarer. In the complex version of the game, the trump suit is chosen by the declarer; all nine cards of the chosen suit are trumps and the sequence within the trump suit is unchanged. There are no permanent trump cards in this version, as for example, in Skat, Doppelkopf or Schafkopf.— — — — — —Methods of processing credit cardsToday a majority of all credit card transactions are sent electronically to merchant processing banks for authorization, capture and deposit. Various methods exist for presenting a credit card sale to "the system." In all circumstances either the entire magnetic strip is read by a swipe through a credit card terminal/reader, a computer chip is read (an "EMV"), or the credit card information is manually entered into a credit card terminal, a computer or website. The earliest methods, submitting credit card slips to a merchant processing bank by mail, or by accessing an Automated Response Unit (ARU) by telephone, are still in use today but have long been overshadowed by electronic devices. These early methods used two-part forms and a manual device for mechanically imprinting the embossed card number information onto the forms. Credit card terminalA credit card terminal is a stand-alone piece of electronic equipment that allows a merchant to swipe or key-enter a credit card's information as well as additional information required to process a credit card transaction. They may be connected to Point of Sale systems and typically have a keypad and network connection and may have a built-in printer. Automated response unit (ARU)An ARU (also known as a voice authorization, capture and deposit) allows the manual keyed entry and subsequent authorization of a credit card over a cellular or land-line telephone. With this method, a merchant typically imprints their customer's card with an imprinter to create a customer receipt and merchant copy, then process the transaction instantaneously over the phone. Payment gatewayA payment gateway is an e-commerce service that authorizes payments for e-businesses and online retailers. It is the equivalent of a physical POS (point-of-sale) terminal located in most retail outlets. A merchant account provider is typically a separate company from the payment gateway. Some merchant account providers have their own payment gateways but the majority of companies use 3rd party payment gateways. The gateway usually has 2 components: a) the virtual terminal that can allow for a merchant to securely login and key in credit card numbers or b) have the website's shopping-cart connect to the gateway via an API to allow for real time processing from the merchant's website.
Supreme Court Ruling Adds Privacy Protection for the Digital Age
The Supreme Court has handed down a landmark privacy decision in a case about cellphone location data, suggesting there should be stronger protections against government searches for the increasing amount of private information thats stored online.The case relates to location information routinely collected and stored by cellphone companies. As you go about your everyday life, your mobile phone regularly connects to the nearest cell tower when you make calls, check your email, or look something up on the web; when an app running in the background makes a connection that you didnt initiate; and every few minutes just to tell the cell tower, Here I am, if you need to find me to send messages or connect calls.Some cellphone companies record the date, time and which tower your phone connected to for every one of those contacts; other companies track everything except the Here I am check-ins. Either way, your cell company has stored in its databases an elaborate record of what cell towers your phone connected to and when, covering 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The cell companies retain that information for as long as five years. Its more than enough data to reconstruct where you were or rather, where your phone was anytime in that five-year period. It can pinpoint a physical location pretty closely within a city, and within a couple of miles in a rural area.The question before the Supreme Court in this case, Carpenter v. United States, was how hard it should be for police to get that information from a cellphone company.It used to be easyBefore the Supreme Courts ruling in Carpenter, federal, state and local police demanded customer location records more than 200,000 times every year, with each demand covering a period of time as long as several months. The police just had to tell a judge there was some reason to think the location data might be relevant to a criminal investigation. That bar was extremely low; as a practical matter, police could get anyones location information on demand.Some customers and scholars, including me, objected that allowing the police to trace their movements so easily violated their Fourth Amendment privacy rights. They said police should be forced to get a search warrant before exercising the power to collect, at no cost, a near-perfect record of where anyone had been. That would present a higher bar: To get a warrant, a police officer would have to produce evidence convincing a judge that there was probable cause to believe the location data would generate evidence of a crime.However, until the Carpenter case, the federal courts of appeals said a warrant wasnt necessary, because of two 1970s-era Supreme Court rulings. A person, the Supreme Court had held, has no legitimate expectation of privacy in information he voluntarily turns over to third parties. As a result, for example, the government does not need a warrant to demand your financial records from your bank: As an account holder, you have voluntarily revealed that information to the banks employees.Similarly, judges in cellphone location data cases ruled, because your phone broadcast your location to your mobile company, that information wasnt really private.Justices raise the barIn this most recent ruling, the Supreme Court found that police need a warrant to get cellphone location data from a mobile company. The court ruled that giving the government easy access to a detailed history of a persons whereabouts violates peoples legitimate expectation that their everyday movements will not automatically be monitored, recorded and made available to the police. And because carrying a cellphone is a necessary part of ordinary life in the U.S., its not realistic to say that everyone with a phone has voluntarily agreed to make their movements a matter of public record.Exactly what this ruling means for privacy in the internet age remains to be seen and litigated in future cases. These days, peoples most private information doesnt reside on pieces of paper locked in office or home desk drawers; it lives on internet servers operated by private companies. The federal government has claimed sweeping power to get documents and emails from those companies without a warrant.The Carpenter ruling has made clear that, at least some of the time, a warrant is needed. The Fourth Amendment was designed, the court explained, to place obstacles in the way of a too permeating police surveillance. That means that it cant merely protect peoples physical homes from search. Sometimes it also limits the governments ability to demand personal information in the hands of third parties.Jonathan Weinberg, Professor of Law, Wayne State University
Supercross Motorcycle Racing for Kids
Supercross Motorcycle Racing for KidsAre you a parent If so, whether you are the parent of a boy or a girl, you will find that your child may be interested in supercross motorcycle racing. Supercross motorcycle racing is a sport that is popular among individuals of all ages; however, the action packed excitement is what appeals to most teenagers and other children. This is why there is a chance that your child will not only be interested in being a fan of the sport, but a participant as well. The good news is that, in most cases, they can, if you want them to. This is because there is such as thing as supercross motorcycle racing for kids.Supercross racing is most well-known for its indoor racing events. Supercross motorcycle racing was derived from the popular sport of motocross. Motocross, like supercross racing, involves an off-road track and off-road motorcycles. Since motocross tracks are outside, they are often larger and the races tend to take longer. However, except for those differences, the two sports are the same. If your child is interested in motocross, it may be a good idea to start them out on a supercross track since it is smaller. Perhaps, the first thing that you should do is see if there is a local track in your area. If you live in the rural country area, there is a good chance that you will have access to a motocross track, since they are outdoors. There are some rural areas, as well as city areas, that have developed indoor supercross motorcycle racing tracks. Many times, the only difference between these tracks and professional tracks is that they are permanent. Professionals need to travel around the country to race; therefore, their racing surfaces are only temporarily laid down. If you are unable to find a local supercross racing track, or even a motocross one, you shouldnî–¹ necessarily discourage your child from participating in this sport. Although supercross racing does involve racing on man-made tracks, almost always indoors, you can still help keep your child interested in the sport. Depending on where you live, you may have a backyard that is perfect for off-road motorcycle riding. Your backyard would be the perfect place for your child to learn traditional motocross or supercross techniques. In the event that you later find access to a supercross motorcycle track, especially one that will allow children to use it, you may find that your child is bettered prepared from all their practice.Once you have found that you and your child have access to a local supercross motorcycle racing track, or even if you decide to you use your own backyard, you will want to purchase the necessary equipment. Depending on where you live, you should easily be able to find a supercross bike, as well as all of the needed safety equipment. Some large sports stores carry the safety equipment. Recreational sports stores, such as the ones that sell off-road motorcycles, ATVs, and snowmobiles, should not only have the motorcycles, but the safety equipment needed as well. If, by chance, you cannot find what you are looking for, you are urged to examine online shopping. With online shopping, you have a better chance of finding what you are looking for.Although, shopping for supercross motorcycle racing equipment may seem easy enough, it isnî–¹ always. You will want to remember that it is your child who will be participating in the sport. This means that you will want to purchase supplies that will fit them. This often means that you not only need to shop for youth safety equipment, but a youth motorcycle as well. If you need assistance, picking out these supplies and equipment, you may want to think about shopping at a recreational or outdoor sports store. Many of these store employees have experience with sizing children to equipment, including off-road bikes.After your child is all setup and ready to go, you will probably enjoy the experience just as much as they do. Although the experience will likely be fun, it is important to remember that supercross motorcycle racing can be a dangerous sport. You may want to think about enrolling your child in an off-road motorcycle course or a youth racing course. If you are unable to do this, it is okay. You just need to remember to always keep an eye on your child, regardless of whether they are in a supercross motorcycle racing venue or in your own backyard.Comments Questions Email Here document.write(new Date().getFullYear());
Which Colour Temperature for Which Room? | Any-lamp
Which colour temperature for which room? The arrival of LED lighting has ensured that light sources are nowadays available in many different colour temperatures. Therefore, it is not as obvious anymore which light colour should be used for your home or business. Every space has a different function. In general, the activities in a room determine which light colour is needed. When you are at work, you usually need more light than when you spend an evening at home with friends or family. With warm colour temperatures, it is mainly a matter of personal taste. These Kelvin values vary between 1800K and 3000K. In this blog, we will give you various guidelines about the light colour or range that is the most suitable for a particular space in your home or business. Which light colour should you use in which room? You encounter lighting everywhere. Every home or business has various rooms that all need to be illuminated with a specific light colour. For your convenience, we have made an overview of the rooms in homes and various general areas in companies. This way you will know what the most suitable colour temperature is for rooms with themes such as receiving guests, relaxation, food preparation, sleeping, sanitary needs and work. What is the most suitable colour temperature for reception areas and front desks? Reception areas and front desks are places where visitors or (business) guests arrive. It is a place in which people are welcomed and companies immediately give a first impression. Therefore, a fresh and relaxed atmosphere fits perfectly within these areas. Depending on the amount of natural daylight, the colour temperatures very warm white (2700K) and warm white (3000K) are most suitable. With a diversity of LED lights sources you can perfectly illuminate the room and even match the lights to the design. With various fittings and shapes, (very) warm white LED lighting can be installed in every (designer) fixture. What is the most suitable light colour for living rooms, dining rooms and recreation areas? Living rooms and dining rooms are areas where you get together and socialize with friends and family. Just as recreational rooms provide the necessary relaxation for young and old. These rooms have one thing in common: they are spaces full of atmosphere. A cozy mood is easy to create with lighting that has a warm appearance. Therefore, the light colour very warm white (1800-2700K) is very suitable. Due to the diversity of activities that take place in these rooms (for example game evenings, drinks, dinners, film marathons or reading a book), these rooms are multifunctional. If you want to be able to adjust the atmosphere to the activity, then dimmable DimTone LED bulbs are a perfect solution. These light bulbs have not one, but several light colours that can also be dimmed! Moreover, very warm white LED light sources are available in various fittings. Therefore, LED lights are available for every (designer) fixture. What is the most suitable colour temperature for kitchens and canteens? Kitchens and canteens often have two functions. Food is prepared and food is eaten. Although the cooking area is a workplace, the dining area needs a certain amount of atmosphere. After all, during the lunch break at work or while eating a meal at home, you want to relax and / or socialize with family, friends or colleagues. Therefore, the colour temperature warm white (3000K) is a good compromise. If you would like a warmer appearance during breakfast, lunch or dinner, you can choose dimmable LED lighting or you can use a mix of light colours. The latter can be dealt with by complementing the general lighting with 2200 - 2700K LED bulbs. These can be placed in a (designer) fixture above the dining table. The same applies to the seating area in canteens. What is the most suitable light colour for bedrooms? The main function of a bedroom is sleeping. No surprise there. It is a place where you can relax, maybe even without being disturbed. Lighting does not play a role while sleeping, but it is important for other activities. You might watch TV or read a book. Moreover, you get dressed in this room. The light colours very warm white (2200-2700K) and warm white (3000K) are the most suitable for bedrooms. In general, people do not prefer to wake up with too bright lighting. Therefore, warm white lighting can be perceived as too bright by some people. Because the colour preference of lighting in a bedroom differs for each person, dimmable LED lights or DimTone light bulbs are a smart solution. Of course you can also opt for various colour temperatures. In this case you can distinguish between general lighting and warmer mood lighting (for example with accent lighting or lamps on the bedside table). What is the most suitable colour temperature for bathrooms and toilets areas? For sanitary facilities, the light colour depends on what the space is used for. Toilets in homes, but also companies and catering establishments, are preferably illuminated with the colour temperature very warm white (2700K) or warm white (3000K). This also applies to the general lighting in bathrooms. Especially if you use these rooms in the evening or in the morning. After all, you do not want to be blinded by too bright lighting. For activities such as shaving, plucking eyebrows and applying make-up, it is better to use the light colour cool white (4000K). Cool white mirror lighting is a good option for this. Think of LED GU10 spots or LED GU5.3 spots that can easily be installed in the ceiling or in a mirror cabinet / mirror frame. This ensures that this cooler light colour is limited to the area where you perform these activities. What is the most suitable light colour for home workspaces and offices? In general, offices and home workplaces are areas where people need to concentrate. The light colour cool white (4000K) is known for its fresh appearance, which allows people to work actively and focused on their daily activities. Although there are various light sources and fixtures with a cool white light, it is recommended for offices to install cool white LED panels with UGR1. Keep your PC temps low with these awesome CPU air coolersThere are several different ways to keep your PC cool, but one of the most basic and affordable is using air. With a decent air cooler like the Cryorig R1 Ultimate on your CPU, you will still get great performance and, in the right circumstances, room for overclocking. With "ultimate" in the name you would be hoping for big things from this cooler, and thankfully it does not just blow smoke. For under $100, the R1 Ultimate is very large and heavy, but it's also one heck of a cooler. It's universal to Intel and AMD sockets, packs 140-mm fans, 6-mm heat pipes and a sleek black finish that will look stellar inside your build. It is not the quietest, and it's a lump for sure. But it's also an awesome cooler, and that's what matters. $94 at Amazon If there were such a thing as a legend in the arena of CPU cooling, the Hyper 212 Evo from Cooler Master would stake a claim to the title. Why's it so good? Firstly, it's absurdly cheap for something of this quality. The Hyper 212 Evo is also super simple to mount and can even be had in a variant with LED lighting, for extra razzle-dazzle. $30 at Amazon It may not look like much, but the Silverstone Argon AR-06 is one of the best low-profile CPU coolers money can buy. It's perfect for smaller PC builds thanks to its near-silent operation, solid build quality, and top-notch cooling performance. It's a little fiddly to install, but if you are only doing it once it should not be much of an issue. $47 at Amazon Be Quiet built its brand around offering performance parts for PC enthusiasts that also crave a more silent experience. This sleek, all-black hunk of metal and fan delivers on that front. This is one for the serious PC builder, with a whopping 250W TDP support, dual-tower design, seven heat pipes, and two 120-mm fans. With all that cooling power it's still whisper-quiet. How? We do not know, but your PC will love it. And so will your ears, though you will pay for the privilege. $90 at Amazon Do not let the appearance of this Noctua cooler put you off because while it's less showy than others, it's all business where it matters. Six heat pipes and a pair of 140-mm fans make this a sizeable yet impressive cooler. It's a premium quality solution that costs a bit, but it is backed up by one of the best warranties you will find. $90 at Amazon The name does not exactly roll off the tongue, but this is an excellent cooler from Phanteks that comes in a choice of colors to match your build. It is not the most expensive cooler you will find, and while it's not the outright quietest either, it strikes a strong balance between cooling performance and noise. It packs four heat pipes along with a pair of 120mm fans to get the job done while adding some premium style to your build. $60 at Amazon Whatever your PC build, there's a great air cooler to go in it. Whether you need a low-profile choice like the Silverstone Argon AR-06 or want silence from something like the Be Quiet Dark Rock Pro 4, there's something out there for you.2. The best LED lights manufactures in india - (india) Pvt. Ltd.D-Core Electric (India) Pvt. Ltd. is registered under the Companies Act. Being indulge in the business of LED manufacturing as an independent spectating in the field of delivering and marketing of LED Lighting Products and Home Appliances. We are an emerging manufacturer in the field of LED Lighting and Home Appliances by reaching more than five states in very short span of time since its inception. We are aiming to contribute more than 50 million in GDP of the India in forthcoming years. D-Core Electric (India) Pvt. Ltd. Keeps strong eye on quality management services and security check that ensure the safety of both our customers and the products. Serving with the moto of "Energizing your Dreams" we always aims to make the dreams true in term of quality comprises with price of our esteemed customers . We take it as our duty to serve the Nation with Quality Products in the hand every ranged consumers.3. Interior LED Lighting in my 2004 Mistubishi Eclipse?yes you will most likely need a control box, im not sure how you would wire it up, but i know that they have sound sensing boxes that turn the lights on and off as the music goes
Intelligent Robot Joins the Front Line of Epidemic Prevention and Control of "war Epidemic"
It is everyone's responsibility to fight the epidemic. The capital market takes action and condenses into a strong positive energy to unite as one and overcome difficulties.This year, COVID-19 has been raging, and we have had a memorable China's traditional Spring Festival.Fortunately, many things cannot be blocked by the epidemic. In the difficult situation, the capital market worked together to fight the epidemic: many enterprises actively resumed work, donated materials, had money and made strong efforts.The good deeds of enterprises are not only the performance of social responsibility, but also the warmth that can not be ignored in times of crisis. They are one of the main forces in the "war epidemic".There are also a number of special groups. They are ordered in the face of danger. They are invited to work during the epidemic and play various roles: delivering vegetables to the community, cooking rice for front-line medical staff, and serving as vigilantes at high-speed checkpoints... They can work 24 hours a day without wages, because their wages are used to pay electricity billsYes, they are the robot people on the front line of anti epidemic.This can't help but remind Xiaojing of Jay Chou's song cowboys are busy. After a little adaptation of the lyrics for these machines who have successfully "worked" in the anti epidemic front line, Xiaojing unconsciously hummed:......Dueling every day is tired, and so is the heroDon't bother, don't botherThe chorus is not long. How many of you can go togetherJustice calls me. The front line needs meRobots are busy......The first unmanned delivery vehicle for fresh vegetables in China was successfully put into trial operation in ZiboWith the novel coronavirus epidemic prevention work entering a serious and complex stage, many communities have stepped up the management of access, buying vegetables can only send representatives of the family, or entrust property or community staff to buy on behalf of the supermarket. In addition, community personnel started the live broadcast of buying vegetables to facilitate residents' selection, so as to make the price transparent, convenient and warm.But what if it's unattended? Is it more convenient? The most important thing is that it can effectively reduce the infection risk caused by human contact, realize non-contact distribution, and greatly reduce the consumption of epidemic prevention materials and labor costs.The first unmanned delivery vehicle for fresh vegetables in China was successfully tested in Zibo, Shandong Province. This unmanned delivery vehicle also has its own serious Name: Xiaole.His endurance can reach 150 kilometers, it only takes 20 minutes to walk 2 kilometers, and he can deliver more than 10 tons of vegetables a day.36 copies in 15 minutes, cooking robots cook for front-line doctors in Wuhan!Casserole rice is a special food in Guangdong. It uses casserole as a vessel to cook rice. Guangdong calls casserole casserole, so it is called casserole rice. The main varieties are stewed rice with preserved meat, sliced chicken with mushrooms, stewed rice with spare ribs in black bean sauce, pig liver, roast duck, white cut chicken, etc. The essence of baozi rice lies in a layer of golden rice cooked at the smooth bottom of the pot. Unlike ordinary rice, it is not only crisp, but also has a deep taste.Now, the medical staff fighting in the front line can also eat cooked rice! And it's hot and made by robots!During the epidemic, many catering enterprises in Wuhan have suspended business. Biguiyuan (02007. HK) learned from the Red Cross Society of Hannan District, Wuhan that at present, some shelter hospitals and isolation points in Wuhan are lack of catering supply, and the catering demand is urgent. According to the person in charge, the medical staff on the front line of the anti epidemic disease mostly implement the shift system, often miss the meal, or can only eat cold fast food.On February 16, the first rice cooker robot donated by country garden, Shunde, Guangdong was put into use in Wuhan.During the epidemic prevention period, the container rice cooking robot independently developed by country garden will provide free rice cooking service for isolation points 24 hours."Robots can operate around the clock, fast and efficient. Unmanned meals will greatly reduce personnel contact, reduce the risk of infection, and better meet the catering needs of isolation points." the relevant person in charge said that more robot equipment will be put into anti epidemic action in the future.You Bi Xuan technology AI robot, rushed to the front line of epidemic prevention and controlAt the Hezhou checkpoint in Shenzhen, the 5g robot vigilante "Huang Tiantian" of youbixuan technology acts as the vigilante of the high-speed checkpoint, reminding passing drivers to scan the code and register in advance 24 hours, which can save police force and reduce personnel contact. At the same time, "Huang Tiantian" broadcast the epidemic situation to reduce the pressure on the police force.Founded on March 31, 2012, youbixuan technology is a global high-tech enterprise integrating artificial intelligence and humanoid robot R & D, platform software development and application and product sales.Excellent technology will play novel coronavirus pneumonia technology and its product advantages, and research and development of AI robots to solve the actual needs of epidemic prevention and control.Dali science and technology rushed to aid nearly 500 infrared temperature measuring equipmentHigh fever is one of the typical symptoms of New Coronavirus pneumonia, so effective and non-contact rapid body temperature screening is the key to investigate New Coronavirus infection.Human body infrared thermometer is a photoelectric instrument that measures the infrared radiation of the measured object (human body surface, ear cavity, etc.) through the detector and outputs the temperature of a certain part of the body after appropriate correction. It is widely used in public places and plays a significant role in epidemic prevention and control.During the epidemic period, Dali Technology (002214, Guba) (002214), a listed company in Zhejiang, responded quickly and invested dm60-w human body temperature measurement intelligent screening system and handheld high-precision human body temperature screening instrument in the epidemic area for the first time, so as to quickly screen patients with high fever in crowded places, so as to provide basis for later medical and epidemic prevention.In fact, these two products also play the role of "robot": non-contact rapid and accurate screening of body temperature, long-distance and large-area detection, rapid intelligent alarm response, and superimposed data analysis using infrared and visible images.It is understood that Dali technology is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the development of uncooled infrared focal plane detector, infrared thermal imaging system, intelligent inspection robot and inertial navigation photoelectric products.
What Will Happen If Less Voltage Is Given to a LED Light?More?
The 12 volt rating is a suggested highest voltage that should be applied across it. Less voltage wont hurt the led although it wont be as bright as it could be, as long as you reach the voltage accross the enclosed junction which can be as low as .6V you can vary the voltage right up to 12 volt. but i wouldnt push it too far over the rated voltage as they will burn out. They may be pushed a little higher as long as you limit the current with a current limiting resistor. Hope that Helps1. does anyone know a Android app that uses camera LED light?Droid Light is the name of the app I use2. I have a basic LED light kit, help! Electricians would be nice here?Put black wires to any piece of metal on car, the red wires are hooked to any fuse that gets power when the key is turned on3. Run an LED light with a 12V Resistor on a car battery?When you say 12V Resistors, I assume you mean that a resistor is connected to the LED which will allow it to be used with a 12 volt battery. LEDs are diodes (that's what the D stands for), so current will only flow one direction. This means that if you connect the LED resistor combination one way across the battery it will light and if you connect it the other way it will not light. It is actually the LED that matters as far as polarity goes, the resistor could care less. What this all boils down to is that one of the LED terminals is Positive and the other is Negative, if you connect the LED positive terminal to the positive terminal of the battery and the other LED terminal to the negative terminal of the battery, it will light up. If you connect the LED negative terminal to the battery Positive terminal, and the other LED terminal to the battery negative terminal, it will not light up. If you hook the LED up to the battery without using a resistor, the LED will light briefly as a large surge of current flows through it and destroys the LED. The resistor is used to limit the current to a safe value (determined by the LED manufacturer). So, which terminal is positive and which is negative? It does not matter, hook it up one way and if it lights up you have it right, if it does not light up, just switch it around no harm will be done. FYI a car battery is rated at 13.8 volts fully charged and during charging (by the vehicle alternator) the voltage can be as high as 16 volts. If you connect these LEDs across your Dad's battery and leave them connected, depending on how many you connect and how long you leave them, they will run your Dad's battery down. When he goes to start the car, it will not start. When he finds your blue LEDs, he may see red! Good luck, Bill4. Where do I find the new tape measure with the LED light for accurate measurement?5 Task Force 25' Led Lighted Contractor Tape Measure Ive seen it on E-Bay. for about 35 bucks.5. Led light on car connected to Unlock/Locking.?This would be a really tough job for the do it your selfer. you will need to feed a relay into the security system of your car. i would recommend bringing your car to a car audio specialist who specializes in car audio, security systems and remote starters. Just google your question for your area. i would not attempt to do this yourself as your car is an 2011 Audi and you may void the warranty by doing this yourself6. How bright are led light bulbs?Led bulbs available for standard fixtures vary in brightness from less than 50 lumens up to about 1200 lumens. The brightest led bulbs for standard fixtures are the floodlights and spotlights. The brightest of these uses about 25 watts and produces light comparable to a 120-watt incandescent. The brightest LED bulbs with approximately the same size and shape as ordinary incandescent bulbs produce up to 600 lumens. With a few exceptions these bulbs are somewhat directional so they are most effective when pointed at the area to be illuminated.
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