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Design Scheme of High Power LED Lighting Power Supply
Abstract: This paper introduces the solution of 350W high efficiency (> 90%) high power factor (> 0.95) led lighting power supply using PFC controller cm6807 and resonant half bridge controller cm6900. The scheme is suitable for up to 1kW power supply, and can be used for LED lighting, LED street lamps, large LED billboards and high-power sports venues lighting.American "Energy Star" and other specifications require that the off-line LED lighting power supply at any power level has high power factor and high energy efficiency. For the low-power LED driving power supply for general lighting, the single-stage power factor correction (PFC) flyback circuit topology based on special controller IC is the most basic solution. This topology is characterized by the use of only one power switch without the use of high-voltage electrolytic capacitors. For 100 200W LED lighting power supply, PFC flyback two-stage circuit architecture is usually adopted. The characteristic of this topology is that PFC boost converter is placed in the front end of flyback converter, and PFC and flyback converter use a power switch respectively. For high-power LED lighting power supply above 200W, the above two topologies are not applicable. The effective solution is to choose the circuit architecture of PFC combined with its inductance inductance capacitance (LLC). In order to achieve high efficiency, the synchronous rectification scheme can be adopted at the secondary side of the main transformer. This paper introduces a design example of 350W LED lighting power supply using this scheme for readers' reference.1 system technical specifications and basic architecture1.1 technical specifications of 350W LED driving power supply(1) Input specificationAC input voltage: 85 264 VAC;AC maximum input current: 5A;Line power factor PF: 0.95 (230VAC, full load);AC power frequency: 47 63Hz;Efficiency: 92% (230VAC, full load);Operating temperature: 50 ℃;Working environment: closed;Heat dissipation mode: natural cooling without fan.(2) Output specificationOutput voltage uo: 36 40V;Output Current IO: 5 10A;Voltage ripple: ≤ 0.3V;Current ripple: 0.1A;Control mode: constant voltage / constant current.1.2 system composition block diagramThe 350W LED lighting power supply is mainly composed of EMI filter, PFC boost converter based on continuous conduction mode (CCM) power factor controller cm6807, LLC resonant half bridge converter based on cm6900 and synchronous rectifier. Figure 1 is the basic architecture block diagram.2 actual circuitThe 350W LED lighting power supply circuit based on cm6807 and cm6900 is shown in Figure 2. We briefly introduce each unit circuit in the system.2.1 PFC boost converter and auxiliary power supplyThe PFC boost converter and auxiliary power circuit of 350W LED lighting power supply are shown in Figure 2 (a).(1) Input stage circuitThe input stage circuit consists of EMI filter and bridge rectifier. It is shown in Figure 2 (a) In, capacitors C3, C4, C5, C11 C14 and inductive elements T1 and T2 constitute input EMI filter; BR1 is bridge rectifier; fu1 is fuse; RT1 is NTC thermistor. EMI filter is used to limit and attenuate common mode and differential mode noise, and RT1 is used to limit surge current caused by charging large capacitor C7 during system startup.(2) Active PFC boost converterPower factor controller U1 (cm6807), power switch vt2, boost inductor L1, boost diode VD3, input capacitor C9 / C10, output capacitor C7, current sensing resistor R4, etc. form DC / DC active PFC boost converter. PFC level circuit works in continuous mode. Input current is detected through U1 pin ② through R5, R8 and R13. Output DC bus voltage (395v) It is sampled by voltage dividers R7, R10, R12 and R13 and fed to U1 pin FB. Pin ④ of U1 is the output of voltage error amplifier, and C17, C18 and C21 are compensation networks. The current through PFC stage is sensed by R4 and detected by U1 pin ③ through R11 and C20. The drive output on U1 pin ⑨ drives VT1 / VT3 and vt2. The function of PFC boost converter is to generate an AC output at the input of bridge rectifier BR1 The sinusoidal current whose input voltage tends to be in the same phase can meet the harmonic current limit requirements specified in iec61000-3-2 standard, the system power factor is much higher than 0.95, and can output a stable DC voltage of 395v within the AC input voltage range of 85 264v.(3) Starting circuit and bias power supplyR5, R8, R6, R9, vt4, VD4 and C16 constitute the shoulder circuit on U1 pin ⑧. Once U1 is started, PFC enters the operating state, and U1 pin ③ is powered by the bias power supply composed of auxiliary windings between L1 pins ③ and ④, C1 and C2, VD1 and VD2, R15, VZ1, vT5 and C16.
Power Integrations Publishes Reference Designs for High Power LED Lighting Applications
San Jose, California, December 16, 2014 - power integrations, a leader in the field of high efficiency and high reliability LED Driver IC (NASDAQ: powi), today launched a new reference design for LED street lamps, industrial mining lamps and other high-power LED lighting applications. The new reference design rdr-382 introduces a hiperpfs using power integrations ™- 2 PFC controller IC and hiperlcs ™ Constant current, 43 V (rated), 150 W reference power supply designed by integrated LLC power stage IC.The traditional two-stage driver adopts independent PFC stage and LLC stage. When generating constant voltage (CV) output, multiple DC-DC converters are required to convert the output to constant current (CC). In contrast, rdr-382 adopts innovative feedback and control scheme, which enables LLC to provide constant current directly at the output. Therefore, the number of elements is reduced by about one third, the efficiency is improved to more than 93%, and the power supply size is greatly reduced after eliminating the DC-DC converter. In addition, the high rated LLC switching frequency (250 kHz) can reduce the size of the required magnetic core components. At the same time, compared with the fixed frequency scheme, the continuous conduction mode variable frequency PFC level can also reduce EMI interference.Andrew Smith, senior product marketing manager of power integrations, said: "reliability is particularly important for high-power lighting applications with an output power of more than 75 W. because the design is efficient, the heat generated is very small and the number of components is less, so it has a longer service life."About power integrationsPower integrations, Inc. is a supplier of high-performance electronic components for high-voltage power conversion systems, headquartered in Silicon Valley. The company's integrated circuits and diodes can help a large number of electronic products, including televisions, PCs, home appliances, smart meters and LED lamps, design compact and energy-efficient AC-DC power supply. SCALE ™ IGBT Driver system can improve the efficiency, reliability and cost-effectiveness of high-power applications, including industrial motors, solar and wind energy systems, electric vehicles and HVDC transmission. Since its inception in 1998, power integrations ecosmart ™ Energy saving technologies have saved billions of dollars in energy consumption and avoided millions of tons of carbon emissions. Due to the role of the company's products in environmental protection, the shares of power integration have been classified into NASDAQ ® Clean Edge ® Green energy index, the cleantech index ® And ardour global IndexSM.
Do I Need to Use the LED Light My Fishtank Came with? Taking Care of Goldfish?
Do not use the light, and do not use the 1.5-gallon tank, either. Two goldfish need a minimum of a 30 or 40 gallon tank, with good filtration. So start by getting a decent tank. Otherwise, you will bring very bad fortune to those goldfish.1. Would you wear a ring with LED light on it?yea i guess so but if it looked cheap or fake then prob not2. led light bulbs overheat and go off?You cooked the LED bulb with over voltage. Some parts might be damaged already,like resistor or even weakening the LED. Put back the power not more than 12 Volts. Damage bulb cannot be repaired because parts causes the same as unit3. Day-Light Sensing LED Light [closed]You have two simple possibilities:4. my LED light comes on to my laptop while the plug is in but it doesnt charge.?Is sound like either the AC adapter has been damaged, through impact or power surge. Or the power management hardware in you laptop has been damaged. If you can find a friend who has an identical adapter to yours (check the power ratings on the bottom of the adapter to tell if the are identical adapter from HP) then test you laptop with his/hers adapter, this will narrow down the problem to either the adapter (In which case you just buy a new one), or your laptop (In which case you get it repaired). P.S You adapter may be producing enough current to inform the laptop of it presence, but not enough to actual power your laptop.5. How long will a car battery last powering just an led light string?the thing about LEDs are they take very little power to run, so is the battery just the power source sitting on a table for the lights??? Or is it in a running car??? not sure what your question is??? if your asking if a well charged battery was to run 6 leds how long would it last, i would guess at least 24 hours if not longer on a full charge...if the leds are the only thing connected...6. Best Sellers: The most popular items in Learning & Education ToysLight-up Terrarium Kit for Kids with LED Light on Lid - Science Kits for Boys & Girls - Gardening Gifts for Children - Kids Toys - Create Your Own Customized Mini Garden in a Jar That Glows at Night7. Bright red LED light in New Year sky?The upper left star of Orion is red, and quite bright. I do not think it was Rudolf.8. Why does this illumination pattern of an LED light going through a small pinhole not emulate the point spread function?You've selected a pinhole that is roughly 100 wavelengths in diameter. That's the problem: even if you focussed the LED onto the pinhole, many secondary maxima (diffraction rings) pass thru the pinhole. To get a "clean" output, ideally you want the pinhole to be about the size of the primary maximum. So if you can calculate the focal length of a lens that will produce a spot on the order of $ 50 mu m$ , you will get a cleaner output. Keep in mind that this calculation requires a decent estimate of the lens' aperture so that you can use the diffraction pattern formulas9. What's the purpose of the RED LED light in the camera when you focus?It is mostly used to adjust the focus (auto-focus inner focus. It relates to direct focus on object) It tells you that focus is set and now ready to click mode. Mostly it does click but in case not able to focus so that's why there is no red light. Red indicator is also to show that it is about to click10. Which LED light is suitable for camping and travelling lighting?Coleman LED. I prefer the Coleman gasoline fueled and buy the aluminum fuel bottles. Siphon tube is also helpful for fueling. I've been using mine at night in a boat.11. How can I make my led light a blinker for my car?Is the LED strip battery powered, could be meant for automobile use? if it somewhat is so as which you only could. whether that's mains powered then that turns into greater doubtful, water-evidence different the time technique splash evidence no longer immersion evidence
Revamp the Aura of Your Living Space with Unconventional LED Uplights
Uplighting is a dynamic and conventional form of decorative lighting which, helps in augmenting the aura of the entire wedding venue. These lighting fixtures are undeniably a ‘must have’ element when it comes to adding light and glory to a wedding. Adding that extra spark to the dance floor or painting the walls with lustre becomes much simpler with these components. However, many of us are still not that much aware of the exact functionality of uplights and thus, here is an overview stated below.A Brief on LED UplightsIt is a type of light fixture which, are generally being installed at the ground level. These products are manufactured to emit light in an upward direction towards the ceiling or sky. Being majorly used for complementing or replacing the conventional downlights, they are regarded as a prime source of accent lighting for both interiors and exteriors. These are also often utilized for highlighting landscaping or architectural features around a home, thereby setting a specific mood or tone.While considering the varied options available to us, considered to uplighting, LEDs surely stand apart. With immense power of illuminating the space, LED lighting deploys little electricity compared to other choices as a result of which, the power concerns are being reduced for the client. Furthermore, LED fixtures release lesser heat and ensures extended durability as well. Thus, what sort of enhancements should be considered before you opt for uplighting? Here are some of them hereby discussed.It helps in augmenting the visibility of the entire room decor. Floral and draping designs are a key decoration piece which, brings enhance the overall ambience and by using outdoor LED lights, you can make it as much impactful as possible.Weddings are full of vibrant colors and pleasing hues all around. However, with the use of this dynamic form of well-projected lighting, add some pops of color to the entire decor of your wedding venue.While considering a low lighting environment, up lights can be deployed for enhancing the architectural features of the venue.Embellishing the wedding venue with LED up lights can bring you another rewarding advantage by letting the photographers capture the real essence of all your priceless memories.Apart from weddings, outdoor LED Up Lights are an unconventional choice indeed for amplifying the grace and splendor of different occasions and events. Thus, if you have a forthcoming celebration to enjoy full to the brim or simply wondering how to bring some additional charm to the outdoors of your home, then these highly efficient lighting fixtures should be your ultimate choice·RELATED QUESTIONWhat's the meaning of Sia's Chandelier song?Before Chandelier, Sia was a singer with mediocre success.She was really struggling to push her career when she lost her partner to an accident. She got addicted to drugs, suffered depression and even wrote a suicide note. Drugs and alcohol were her only coping mechanisms. This song is about the time she was addicted to alcohol and drugs and her struggle to get out of it.In an interview, Sia said that she always knew she was a drinker and that she must stop, her guilt, shame is what the following lyrics suggest:-Sun is up, I'm a messGotta get out now, gotta run from thisHere comes the shame, here comes the shame.. but, out of peer pressurephones blowing up, they're ringing my door bells, I feel the love..she did not stop.1,2,3 ... 1,2,3 drinkthrow them back till I lose countThe only time she could escape from reality was when she was high, under the influence of alcohol and drugs. She could be carefree, live like tomorrow didn't exist.I'm gonna swing from the chandelier, from the chandelierI'm gonna live like tomorrow doesn't existLike it doesn't existI'm gonna fly like a bird through the nightChandelier is ultimately a brutally honest tale of substance abuse.Sia wrote the song for Rihanna but I am so glad that she kept this one for herself.
Electric Eyebrow Trimmer Finishing Touch Flawless Brows Hair Remover LED Light Sale, Price & Reviews
Electric Eyebrow Trimmer Finishing Touch Flawless Brows Hair Remover LED Light Sale, Price & ReviewsWhy buy? Are you still worried about your unwanted eyebrow hair and are you looking for an easy and painless way to get rid of it? The eyebrow trimmer uses a smooth, precision head to gently wrap the natural contours of the skin to cut away unwanted hair on the face, chin, and neck without causing tightness, cuts, redness, or discomfort. irritation. Effective & Painless -- Upgrated Eyebrow Trimmer with precise cutting edge design that erases eyebrow hair instantly within 5 MINUTES and painlessly, Built-in soft LED Light you never miss a hair! This eyebrow trimmer uses a smooth pivoting head to gently follow the natural contours of the skin to closely trim unwanted hair on the face, chin and neck, give you perfect eyebrow shape. No more tweezers, safe eyebrow trimming. Safe & High Technical -- The 18K gold-plated head is hypoallergenic and gentle on all skin types. High quality stainless steel blade and precision head tip leave your skin smooth without any redness or irritation, ensure effective and smooth trimming. Built-in LED Light & Portable -- Built-in soft LED light, so that you can use it in dimly lit environment, also clearly confirm whether the hair is completely cleared. Also, lower niose make you can enjoy eyebrom trimming even though your baby is sleeping! The eyebrow hair remover is powered by AAA battery (not included); Cordless and battery operated features allow it to be carried with easy. Anywhere, anytime! Perfect substitute for the more traditional wax and tweezers. Easy Cleaning & Waterproof -- This is a wet and dry eyebrow trimmer for women. IPX6 100% Waterproof Shaving Technology. Convenient for bathroom use. The detachable blade head is washable, enable you to clean the eyebrow trimmer with free attached brush or running water for simple maintenance. 12-Months Warranty -- If you are unhappy about the painless eyebrow epilator for any other reason, 30 days full refund, 12-months warranty and 365 days technical support. Pain-free eyebrow Grooming. Threading, plucking, waxing, and shaving your brows are painful and sometimes cost hundreds of dollars at beauty salons. Using Automatic Eyebrow Trimmer, you can easily get the eyebrows goal you want by yourself. Most importantly, pain-free! Automatic Eyebrow Trimmer removes the unwanted hair instantly in a gentle way, hence, it's suitable for all skin types. The built-in LED light and the precision tip allows you to locate the unwanted hair accurately. Use it between your brows, above and below, you can get the flawless brows effortlessly. Its small size does not take much space of your makeup bag. Bring it with you on the go and groom your eyebrows anywhere and anytime. FEATURES: Pain-Free: Remove your unwanted hair instantly and pain-free. Gentle on Skin: Suitable for all types of skin. Precision Tip: More accurate on removing even the smallest hairs. LED Light: You can see the unwanted hair clearly. Discreet & Portable: Pen size. You can easily bring it with you to groom your eyebrows anywhere. Easy to Clean: Rinse the tip of the trimmer to the with water. Or use the cleaning brush to sweep the hair off. SPECIFICATIONS: Color: Gold Weight: 60g Size: 1.5cm x 13cm PACKAGE INCLUDES: 1 x Automatic Eyebrow Trimmer— — — — — —Eco-Friendly Gold Heart-Shaped Pendant Necklace for Ladies Sale, Price & Reviews• COD This product supports COD on delivery. Suggestions: Do not place orders with non-COD products, otherwise you will not be able to choose COD payment method. Ship between: , Estimated Shipping Time: business days Order Processing Time may require a few days. Once dispatched from warehouse, Shipping (or Delivery) Time depends on the Shipping Method. • You can enjoy a maximum of interest-free installments, and may not enjoy this offer when placing orders with other products There are two key factors which will affect the time you receive your items.The exact processing time varies depending on the item.The average processing time is 3 working days.but this can also be affected by the item's stock status. For small quantity orders,the processing time is 1-3days while larger quantity orders may require 2-5days. Typically 3-5 days to the UK, 3-7 days to other European countries. Generally, 2-5 days to the Spain, 3-7 days to the Portugal. Shipping from warehouse nearest to shipping address is faster. Additional charges may apply. This is a general guide and delays maybe caused force majeure, natural disasters, inclement weather, war, public holidays, and factors outside our control. Generally speaking, we offer free shipping for Eco-Friendly Gold Heart-Shaped Pendant Necklace for Ladies to United States (US, USA), United Kingdom (UK, GB), Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Poland, Brazil, Russia, Japan, Greece, Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Ireland, Lithuania, Israel, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Canada, Australia, Netherlands, Korea, Turkey, Mexico, Ukraine, Romania, Columbia, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia etc. Please choose the shipping methods for the final price. The most convenient payment method in the world. Note: please email us the order number,the amount transferred along with currency type,and the exact date of the wire transfer. Note: please email us the following information after you have paid via Westem Union: · Control Number(10 digits) · The exact amount sent along with the currency · Name of sender. · Address of sender With YandexMoney and Webmoney, it is convenient and safe for you to pay via credit card、wallet or cash For Brazil customers, we accept Boleto: you only need to fill in the payment information, remember your Boleto Voucher information and pay it within 3 days at any Boleto stores. For Mexico customers, we accept OXXO: you can choose OXXO payment on our website, and then remember your OXXO Voucher information and pay it within 3 days at any OXXO stores. Do you want to bulk buy ? Please submit your wholesale inquiry below. Please note we usually do not offer free shipping on wholesale orders, but the wholesale price will be a big bargain.
Explain the Key Points of LED Lighting Driving Power Supply in Detail
In order to save energy and power, LED has been greatly promoted, but led needs a power driver, which will directly affect the service life of LED. Therefore, how to do a good LED driving power supply is the top priority of LED power designer. This paper introduces some problems of LED driving power supply, hoping to provide some help to engineers.1. The driving circuit directly affects the service life of LEDThe LED driver we mentioned includes digital driver and analog driver. Digital driver refers to digital circuit driver, including digital dimming control, RGB full-color change, etc. Analog drive refers to analog circuit drive, including AC constant current switching power supply and DC constant current control circuit. The driving circuit is composed of electronic components, including semiconductor components, resistance, capacitance, inductance, etc. these components have service life. The failure of any device will lead to the failure of the whole circuit or some functions. The service life of LED is 50000-100000 hours. If it is continuously lit according to 50000 hours, it has a service life of nearly 6 years. The service life of switching power supply is difficult to reach 6 years. The warranty period of switching power supply sold on the market is generally 2-3 years. The power supply with 6-year warranty is military grade, and the price is 4-6 times that of ordinary power supply. It is difficult for ordinary lamp manufacturers to accept it. Therefore, the faults of LED lamps are mostly driving circuit faults.2. Heat dissipation problemLED is a cold light source, the working junction temperature cannot exceed the limit, and a certain margin should be reserved during design. The design of the whole lamp should consider many aspects, such as beautiful appearance, convenient installation, light distribution, heat dissipation and so on. It is necessary to find a balance point among many factors, so that the overall lamp is the best. The development time of LED lamps is not long, there is not much experience to learn from, and many designs are constantly improved. The power supply used by some LED lamp manufacturers is outsourced or purchased. The lamp designer does not know much about the power supply, so the heat dissipation space for LED is large and that for power supply is small. It is generally to find a suitable power supply after designing the lamps, which brings some difficulty to the power supply. It is often encountered that due to the small internal space or high internal temperature of the lamp, and the low cost control, it is impossible to allocate a suitable power supply. Some LED lamp manufacturers have power R & D capability. The above problems can be solved by evaluating at the initial stage of designing lamps and designing power supply synchronously. In the design, we should comprehensively consider the heat dissipation of LED and power supply, and control the temperature rise of lamps as a whole, so as to design better lamps.3. Problems in power supply designa. Power design. Although the LED has high luminous efficiency, there is still 80-85% heat loss, resulting in a temperature rise of 20-30 degrees inside the lamp. If the room temperature is 25 degrees, there is 45-55 degrees inside the lamp. The power supply works in a high-temperature environment for a long time. In order to ensure the service life, the power margin must be increased, which is generally reserved to 1.5-2 times.b. Component selection. When the internal temperature of the lamp is 45-55 degrees, the internal temperature rise of the power supply is about 20 degrees, and the temperature near the element should reach 65-75 degrees. The parameters of some components will drift at high temperature, and the service life of some components will be shortened. Therefore, the devices should be selected that can be used at high temperature for a long time, with special attention to electrolytic capacitors and wires.C. Electrical performance design. The parameter design of switching power supply for LED is mainly constant current parameter. The size of current determines the brightness of LED. If the batch current error is large, the brightness of the whole batch of lamps is uneven. Moreover, the change of temperature can also cause the output current of the power supply to shift. Generally, the batch error is controlled within / - 5% to ensure the consistent brightness of the lamp. There is deviation in the forward voltage drop of the LED, and the constant current voltage range of the power supply design should include the voltage range of the LED. When multiple LEDs are connected in series, the minimum voltage drop multiplied by the number of connected in series is the lower limit voltage, and the maximum voltage drop multiplied by the number of connected in series is the upper limit voltage. The constant current voltage range of the power supply is slightly wider than this range. Generally, 1-2v margin is reserved for the upper and lower limits.d. PCB layout design. The size of LED lamps left for the power supply is small (unless it is external to the power supply), so there are high requirements in PCB design and many factors to be considered. Enough safety distance shall be reserved for the power supply requiring input and output isolation. The withstand voltage of primary side circuit and secondary side circuit shall be 1500-2000vac, and at least 3mm distance shall be reserved on the PCB. If it is a lamp with metal shell, the safety distance between the high-voltage part and the shell shall also be considered for the cloth plate of the whole power supply. If there is no space to ensure a safe distance, other measures should be taken to ensure insulation, such as drilling holes on PCB, adding insulating paper, potting insulating glue, etc. In addition, the heat balance shall be considered for the cloth plate, and the heating elements shall be evenly distributed and cannot be placed centrally to avoid local temperature rise. The electrolytic capacitor is far away from the heat source to slow down the aging and prolong the service life.e. Certification issues. At present, there is no standard for LED lamps in China. Relevant national departments are studying and formulating. The certification of lamps sold in China is based on the standards of lighting lamps, while those sold abroad are CE or UL certification, and some are based on foreign LED lamp standards. Therefore, in view of this situation, it is difficult for the design of switching power supply to meet the above standards at the same time. We can only meet different certification according to different requirements.4. Use parameters.The selection of purchased power supply mainly depends on the voltage range of constant current and constant current. The constant current value is lower than the standard current of LED. The selection of voltage range shall be moderate, and try not to select a large range to avoid power waste.
Why Are LEDs so Popular? Discussion on Connector of LED Lighting Standard
Light emitting diodes (LEDs) have revolutionized indoor and outdoor lighting. This solid-state lighting (SSL) technology has excellent efficiency, controllability, chromatography, thermal performance and unique shape. It is eliminating the ancient Edison incandescent bulbs (as well as fluorescent lamps, metal halide lamps or sodium vapor lamps). Now, most new indoor and outdoor designs and upgrading of existing designs will first consider led. However, designers should be careful. At the same time of rapid innovation, there will also be some hidden dangers, such as non-standard connection and end-user solution mismatch, which will cause a negative customer experience.It is not just the light source itself that has been completely changed. For example, LED lighting is also changing the design and shape of connectors and their fixtures (called lamps). These connectors are an essential part of any lighting system. They do not accept AC line voltage, but lower DC voltage. The typical current is usually between 3 A and 7 a. In addition, LED lighting system is usually part of the control network supporting digital addressable lighting interface (DALI) and zhaga industry standard, and provides intelligent, energy-saving and high-performance lighting as a key link of smart home or office.Therefore, before designing LED lighting system, engineers have the responsibility to be familiar with these standards and their reflection in real-world connectors, because new designs are rising rapidly.This paper briefly reviews why LEDs are so popular, and then introduces and describes these two connection standards to ensure interoperability, rapid development and easy deployment of intelligent LED design. Finally, the connectors of Amphenol ICC are introduced, and as the practical embodiment of relevant standards and their applications, the application of these connectors is summarized.Why are LEDs so popularThere are many factors promoting the development of led into lighting source:Cost reduction promotes the increase of output, which further promotes the reduction of cost and the increase of outputBasic reliability and life enhancement of LED as light sourceThe improvement of the circuit is mainly the improvement of the power supply driving these LEDsImprovement of optical output quality characterized by color temperature (Kelvin) and color rendering index (CRI)Incentives, standards and enforcement measures taken by the government to improve lighting efficiency to save energy (it is estimated that lighting accounts for 15% to 20% of total energy consumption)Development of industry and government standards that ensure interoperability between LED light sources and compatibility with intelligent controllers.The last point is particularly important. An important size category of traditional incandescent bulbs is the "E26" 26 mm (mm) diameter Edison screw bulb, which is almost commonly used in residential environments in the United States and many other countries (Figure 1). It is being replaced by LED and fluorescent bulbs, but to a lesser extent. Of course, there are other sizes, such as E12 base, but E26 is the most widely used at present.Of course, standardizing to a single base and socket can reduce costs. The same technology has also led to a variety of bulb shapes, power levels and other attributes built around this foundation, while reducing concerns about long-term replacement of burned bulbs. Early generations of LED bulbs used E26 base to be compatible with existing sockets, making users accustomed to LED lighting. These E26 LED bulbs are still widely sold because there are countless such sockets in use, so the replacement process will take a long time.However, compared with incandescent lamps, LEDs are very different in current, voltage (DC) and power consumption. Incandescent bulbs usually use 120 / 240 V AC power supply. In addition, the wire of E26 socket often has relatively large threaded terminals, which is not ideal for LED light source power supply (Fig. 2). Therefore, new standards and connector types are needed in order for LEDs to give full play to their potential from the system level to the physical connection level.Recognizing the needs of modern lighting interface standards, the Digital Lighting Interface Alliance (diia) developed the Dali standard.The Dali standard redefines lighting connectionsDali is a special protocol for digital lighting control, which can easily realize firm, scalable and flexible lighting network installation (Figure 3). The first version dali-1 is more suitable for digital control, configuration and query of fluorescent lamp ballasts, and less led factors are considered. It replaces the simple, unidirectional and broadcast operation of the existing 0 / 1 to 10 volt analog control mode.The standard also includes a broadcast option. Through simple reconfiguration, each Dali device can be assigned a separate address, allowing digital control of a single device. In addition, Dali devices can also be programmed for grouping operation, so that the lighting system can be reconfigured through software to avoid changing wiring.With the growth of user expectations and the improvement of LED technology, the development of dali-2 standard is promoted. Dali-2 is not only an industry standard, but also a standard of the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC 62386). Dali-2 adds many new commands and functions. Dali-1 only includes control mode, while dali-2 covers control devices, such as application controllers and input devices (such as sensors), as well as bus power supply. It focuses on the interoperability of products from different manufacturers, and is supported by dali-2 certification plan to confirm the compatibility between products and specifications (Figure 4).Like all comprehensive standards, dali-2 is complex. In short, with a single line pair as the bus, each device on the Dali network can be addressed separately. The bus is used to provide both signals and power. The supported power supply can provide up to 250 Ma at 16 V DC (typical). This standard supports equipment powered by AC lines or DC power rails.Although various standards define ultra-low voltage (ELV), IEC defines ELV equipment or circuit as: the potential difference between electrical conductor and grounding does not exceed AC 50V or DC 120V. Dali control cable is classified as ELV equipment, so it only needs to be basically insulated from AC mains power; It can be routed together with mains lines or multi-core cables including mains lines.Beyond dali-2: zhaga specification, aiming at lampsDali-2 and other standards are important, but they can only stop there. It is not within the scope of its definition to define how to link standards to specific applications, such as LED lighting and lamps. In order to solve this problem, the international zhaga alliance has formulated the interface industry specification of components used in LED lamps. The alliance is a member project of IEEE industry standards and technology organization. As of 2019, it has more than 120 members.It's time to find out the difference between lighting equipment and lamps. The term "luminaire" is used in the lighting Engineering Society (ies) lighting manual, ANSI / NEMA standards and IEC. It was added to the National Electrical Code (NEC) manual in 2002 and is officially defined as "a complete lighting unit consisting of one or more lamps and components designed to distribute light, locate and protect the lamp tube and connect the lamp tube to the power supply". Lamps include lamps and all parts directly related to the distribution, positioning and protection of lighting devices, excluding supporting parts, such as arms, ribs or rods; Fasteners for fixing lamps; Control or safety devices; Or power lead. Lamps have a variety of forms and are suitable for various occasions, from outdoor street lighting with strict functions to indoor office lighting, and even "fashionable" retail or home lighting."Lighting equipment" is not defined in NEC and generally refers to anything in the mind of the user, which may include some or all of the following elements: lamp tube (bulb), perhaps with lampshade, lamp ball, lens or diffuser, support, lamp pole or lamp accessories, and other elements.The official name of the zhaga specification is books (specification), which aims at electrical, mechanical, optical, thermal and communication interfaces and allows the interoperability of components. By following the zhaga specification, designers can ensure that users have interoperable, replaceable or repairable components, and that led lamps can be upgraded when new technologies appear after installation.Zhaga Book 18 and book 20 are particularly useful for designers who use LED lamps; The former focuses on outdoor design, while the latter is for indoor applications.Zhaga Book 18: "intelligent interface between outdoor lamps and sensing / communication modules" specifies the contents of power supply and communication. In addition, it also specifies the mechanical coordination and electrical pins of the connection system defined in version 1.0. It simplifies the addition of application modules, such as adding sensors and communication nodes to LED lamps, and ensures plug and play interoperability.Zhaga book 20: "intelligent interface between indoor lamps and sensing / communication modules" defines the intelligent interface between indoor LED lamps and sensing / communication nodes. The node is connected to the LED driver and control system, and can usually provide sensor input or realize communication between network components. Nodes can be installed and replaced on site.epilogueLED lighting has greatly changed the indoor and outdoor lighting of industry, commerce and residence. It combines energy efficiency, long life and flexibility of lamp configuration almost perfectly.Editing: hfy
Electric Dancing Robot Toy LED Light Electric Musical Action Figures for Child Birthday Gift Sale, P
Main Features: The robot can listen and play music for attract children's attention The robot can dance 360 rotating to make an exciting experience The robot can avoid obstacles to prevent damage The arms of the robot toy can swing back and forth to imitate real person Light weight and easy to carry to everywhere you want to go As a gift to improve children's reaction ability and practical ability Made of high quality materials for long life The robot machine needs 3 AAA battery. The battery is not included. Note: Please allow 1-3cm differs due to manual measurement. Due to the different display and different light, the picture may not show the actual color of the item. Thanks for your understanding.1. The Best Garage Parking Aids - Our Top Picks For 2020We love our garages. They make cleaning snow off your car a distant memory, and they protect vehicles from damage caused by theft or the elements, but let's face it: parking in them can be a real bummer. Judging distances in such a tight space is not easy and sometimes leads to an oops, resulting in a scratch or worse. But you do not need to risk your car or your home, as there are numerous tools, parking sensors, and lasers on the market now to make the task a breeze. Garage parking aids are worth their weight in gold, and we've compiled a list of the most helpful products available today. Why Should You Use a Garage Parking Aid? Garage parking aids have many uses. Namely, they prevent you or your loved ones from accidentally dinging the house when parking, potentially damaging both the car and the structure. And while you might be a pro at navigating in and out, a new driver such as a teenager is far less skilled. In addition to preventing damage, garage parking aids allow you to maximize garage space, preventing one driver from overtaking the parking space of another. If each car remains in their designated zone, this also frees up space around the perimeter for easy access. Best of all, this could potentially free up space for additional storage. We've taken the guesswork out of searching for the best garage parking aids. There are several types on the market, and we've picked the best of the best for each. MAXSA Innovations Parking Mat Parking mats are a sure-fire way to keep cars in designated spots. Our favorite is the MAXSA Innovations 37358. This is a solid performer across the board, and it checked off many of our boxes, including: Now, while we love this mat, it does have downsides that might be deal-breakers for some homeowners such as: Wheel stoppers or portable curbs are great options for keeping cars on target while parking. Our top performer is the Guardian DH-PB-4 Heavy Duty Rubber Parking Curb. This tool wins in many categories for us, including: While we loved many aspects of this parking device, some were definite cons depending on your application, such as: If you would prefer your indicator to be in the air, try a LED parking signal like the PARKEZ Flashing LED Light. These are great tools for an in-your-face warning that's perfect for new drivers. While there were many upsides to this item, there were drawbacks, including: Park-Daddy Precision Garage Parking Aid Laser parking guides are another popular item with homeowners. We have two highlights in this category: the Park Daddy and Maxsa Innovations Park Right. The Park-Daddy is a great pick for those seeking a tech solution to their parking woes. It has several pros, such as: While we were impressed with this device, it does have some cons, including: MAXSA Innovations Park Right Garage Laser Park The Maxsa Innovations Park Right is a similar device that we recommend. We came up with a few runner-up products in the garage parking aid category. They range from extremely low-tech to electronic gizmos, but all fall into what I consider an affordable price range. The Home Garage Car Parking System is another tech option that we recommend. It has several pros, such as: While it had its upsides, we disliked a few things, notably: The tennis ball method is another popular pick for homeowners where a tennis ball is hung from the ceiling to brush against your windshield when your vehicle is in your desired position. If you do not trust your own handiwork, a professional version is sold by Amazon that can retract when the garage door shuts. This is a winner on many fronts because: While it is definitely praiseworthy, it is not perfect and does have some downsides like: Homeowners can opt for car door bump pads for protection, which is less of a parking aid and more of a shield. These are handy, however, and have several perks such as: These are not for every homeowner, however, and have drawbacks like: In summary, the best garage parking aid depends on your needs and your garage building layout. Some homeowners struggle with parking straight or backing out. Many city dwellers with tight garages find that their vehicle may only fit, or not block the garage door sensors, when parked as close to the wall as possible. Others may want to maximize the space in their garage. Choose the option that best suits your situation.2. Can I change the LED light that blinks in the upper right hand corner of the blackberry pearl???it's blinking because your coverage indicator is on. hit options then screen and keyboard. go down to coverage indicator and turn off3. Does an LED light bulb need a power supply?The circuitry is inside the bulb. They draw normal current. Assuming you mean the kind you would put in the same socket you would use for an incandescent or CF bulb.
How Many Benefit You Can Expect From LED Lights?
The advantages of LED lighting are multiple and very important. People always have been talking about energy saving, as well as savings in the bill of light, but there are many more advantages and benefits that LED lighting can bring to your home. In this post, we have collected up to 10 advantages in which you will verify the great value that LED lighting can bring to your home.The technological advances allowed the evolution of the light emitting diodes (led, in English) and be perfected to obtain a higher light output. At the present time, many manufacturers have designed LED lights for all types of lighting.With the installation of LED bulbs in the home, an important saving in the electricity bill is achieved, since they consume less energy than the traditional lighting system. Even less than the so-called low-energy bulbs, which use the same principle as fluorescent tubes.Ecological lightingLED lighting allows decorators and architects to achieve special effects with white light and colors, which were impossible until a few years ago because of the cost involved. They have a lot of products for the lighting of gardens and swimming pools. They adapt perfectly to watertight luminaires and spectacular effects are achieved by illuminating the water or ornamental fountain.The use of LED lighting has had a beneficial effect on the environment. They call it ecological lighting because it does not use mercury or gases that produce a greenhouse effect and increase global warming.LEDs are safe elements because they work with low voltage direct current. This considerably reduces domestic accidents by electrocution and prevents unpleasant lamp and applet discharges.There are a wide variety of the led lights with varied shapes and daring designs. They are manufactured as points of directional light, in the form of tape, panels, tubes and a wide range of light bulbs , to replace the old bulbs and fluorescent tubes. Now, we are moving towards the advantages of LED lights. Let's get started.9 advantages of led lighting1. The low consumption of the electricity allows a significant energy saving.2. Little heat emission.3. It produces clear and bright light.4. Longer life than traditional light bulbs.5. Ease of installation6. Possibility of light intensity control with remote control.7. Having no filament like incandescent or halogen bulbs, so they can bear vibration.8. They are ecological.9. They produce low light pollution outdoors.Without a doubt, these 9 advantages of LED lighting offer us important benefits that we can enjoy in our homes. If you are determined to take advantage of the LED lighting contact us, we will gladly assist you to find the best solution for your home via our website.Thanks.By: SophiaHelpful Link:·RELATED QUESTIONWhat are some of the cleverest inventions and ideas ever? Where can you purchase them, if possible?Possibly some of them are the smartest inventions...A show piece that can be disassembled to a sofa set and a centre table.2. An automatic water pumper that quenches your dogs thirst.3. A water bottle with some secret space.4. Different Coca-Cola bottles for different uses.5. A comb-cum-bottle6. An ice-tray that produces diamond-shaped ice cubes.7.8. A ceiling hammock.. What a bliss!!9. A cycle that has flexible structure that it can be tied around like this anywhere.10. A shower with LED lightsthat changes colour according tothe room temperature.11.12. An ice cream cup that comes with a lock.13. Carpet alarm clock.14. Waterproof touchscreen keyboard.15. A toast-cum-omelette pan. A real time saver!!16. A coffee mug that indicates temperature of the coffee...17.18. A pillow that wakes you up by the time you set...19. Sleepers with LED lights which helps you to see the floor even in the dark.20. Shark tea bagsThank you so much for such an overwhelming response to my answer. Thanks upvoters :))I'm adding a few more pictures to the answer, and hope you will like them too.21. Pizza box oven22. selfie toaster23. Cookie cutter tray24.25. 3-D pen26. Clear kayak27. Linux smart pen that vibrates when you have spell something wrong.28. Planet plates29. Galaxy night light30. Weight measuring chopping board.That's it for now... will add more later :))
220v Led Light Bulb on Battery
Incredible led light bulb on a battery is a how to convert 220v led bulb to operate on battery any led bulb can be converted this way.Any 220v mains operated led will run on dc voltage in this video you will find how to convert any mains led bulb to run on battery and in 220v led bulb the future to make a homemade inverter for stepping up the voltage and you will be able to run 220v led bulbs from 1.5v battery or Li-ion battery or even from a 12v lead acid battery. Come and join Noskillsrequired channel First, you will choose your led bulb start by buying a cheap one and take off the plastic cap think you are repairing this led bulb.We gonna proceed to the dismantling of the 220v led bulb.Very easy you have to remove first the plastic capthat is glued to the body of the led then desolder the end connectors to the mains socketand you will have the following parts:led chips connected with 2 wires to the driverand this is it nothing complicated.All led light bulbs are different so different drivers and led voltage all over.In future, you can use the driver for similar ledYou can see in the pictures real-time 220v led bulb driver not complicated some capacitors and resistor and a bridge rectifier.You can use this on future led.This one in particular outputs 220v no load and 130v loaded with the leads.So we can make in the future video an inverter dc-dc that can output 220v or 130v and we can drive this bulbs from 12v -3.7v or even a 1.5v battery.An LED lamp is an electric light or light bulb for use in lighting fixtures that produce light using light-emitting diodes (LEDs). LED lamps have a lifespan and electrical efficiency which are several times greater than incandescent lamps, and are significantly more efficient than most fluorescent lampsLike incandescent lamps and unlike most fluorescent lamps (e.g. tubes and compact fluorescent lampsor CFLs), LEDs come to full brightness without the need for a warm-up time; the life of fluorescent lighting is also reduced by frequent switching on and off. The initial cost of LED is usually higher. Degradation of LED die and packaging materials reduces light output to some extent over time.Some LED lamps are made to be a directly compatible drop-in replacement for incandescent or fluorescent lamps. An LED lamp packaging may show the lumen output, power consumption in watts, color temperature in kelvins or description (e.g. "warm white"), operating temperature range, and sometimes the equivalent wattage of an incandescent lamp of similar luminous output.To make our power supply we can just use 20-30 9v battery in seriesbecause these small batteries have those special connectors that can be connected oneonevery easy we can make a power supply that output as much volts as we want just adding a battery or taking ofif it is too much.LED driversare the essential components of LED lamps or luminaries. A good LED driver can guarantee a long life for an LED system and provide additional features such as dimming and control. The LED drivers can be put inside lamp or luminaire, which is called a built-in type or be put outside, which is called an independent type. According to different applications, different types of LED drivers need to be applied, for example, an outdoor driver for street light, an indoor point driver for a downlight, and an indoor linear driver for a panel light.Thanks for your time and join me on the channel
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